Нужна база по теме авто запчасти (Украина)

Базы досок - обсуждение, обмен, продажа

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Нужна база по теме авто запчасти (Украина)

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Куплю, закажу также приму в дар базу досок обьявлений, базу белых каталогов для Smart Poster с категориями натему авто-запчасти, аксессуары, тюнинг.
Предложения высылайте в личку, на carbon-kevlar собачка bk точка ru или звоните по телефону 0630341697


How to clean and keep your Moncler jackets

#2 Сообщение kira16888 » Вт ноя 02, 2010 7:29 am

How to clean and keep your Moncler jackets
In winter and early spring, down jacket is the best choice to keep you warm. However, when you have lots of down jackets, thecleaning will become more important. How to clean and keep your precious jackets? It’s suggested to clean in Moncler Jackets ways as follows:
1. Hand wash
Inside the Moncler jackets, you can find that on the label printed the instructions of washing and maintenance. Moreover,itis said that ninety percent of jackets should be washed by hand but not hot dry cleaning because the medicinal liquid willmake the jackets not so warm and destroy the fabric. In addition, if the Moncler jackets are dried after washed in the dryer will be better to keep its neat shape, especially for this high-quality Moncler coats.
2.water cleaning
Soak the Moncler Jacket in cold water, after about twenty minutes, pour into 30 and slightly brush its surface. By the way,it’s the best to wash it with warm water, because with which it’s easier to wash away the detergent and maintain a neat and good shape.
3. In normal circumstances, four to five spoons of detergent is suitable for ten liters of water. Here we advise you to usethe neutral cleaning agent since it has only little influence on the jackets. Now we are happy to find the distinctive agent in the supermarket very useful.
Moreover, we can smear some candle on the metal buttons and the zippers to prevent the rust. Besides, you can put all you jackets in a big plastic bag, with two or three bags of anti-moisture powder in it but not with


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